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Epic Beard Photography is a Veteran Owned Virginia Beach based photographer specializing in wedding,

family, sports,  and commercial photography in the Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Portsmouth,

Chesapeake, Williamsburg VA, its surrounding areas and destinations beyond.

Capturing your special moments in life that are genuine, elegant and everlasting.

Epic Beard Photography and Event Photography

As a photographer here in the Hampton Roads area based out of Virginia Beach there are many opportunities and events that need photography. Yes wedding photography is technically an event that as a professional photographer you are hired to capture, but this Epic Beard Photography blog post is not focusing on wedding photography, because there is a difference between a wedding event photography and just an event photography session. Weddings have more pressure, higher stakes, more intensity, and higher stress. As an event photographer it gives you that advantage to be that fly on the wall that you may have always wanted to be with half the stress and pressure. As an event photographer you get a front row seat to the behind the scene actions of the event, or activities meet people you may not have had the opportunity elsewhere. This blog post of event photography Epic Beard Photography is going to focus on the types of events to photograph such as social, corporate, family, religious, and others that, here at Epic Beard Photography, we are broadening out to do.

Here at Epic Beard Photography we are far from being the event photographer, that would mean we would always have an “in” to any event and that is the farthest from the truth. Here at Epic Beard Photography we work hard branching out and networking to do events. Recently Epic Beard Photography has volunteered to photograph the Legacy Build for the Roc Solid Foundation for the Vanderslice family. On May 1st we networked together with Astro Dj Entertainment for their 4th annual Golf Tournament raising money for the Special Olympics. Last year Epic Beard Photography photographed the benefit concert that local band Audio Affair performed at the Eagles Nest in Chesapeake VA. Epic Beard Photography has been at several military homecomings, we also photographed the Hampton Roads Housewives events, and a few birthday parties. Our bigger events that we cover through out the year are at the Elizabeth City Motocross, and the Virginia Beach Horse Show Association.

Going into an event communication is key. We work closely with the event coordinator, or sometimes a mom and dad well in advance to make sure their concerns are covered. In communication with the event coordinator the two key questions I ask so I am on the same page and can meet or exceed the expectation.

1. is there an itinerary for the event?

2. Can I have a copy in advance?

These two questions are so vital because it helps us to make sure that we where we need to be at the time needed to catch important moments for the group to remember their event.

When you hire Epic Beard Photography we will make sure that we photograph any key people or the main person at the event. As we photograph the event as part of the communication I will try to avoid photographing any moments that would be undesirable. Lastly with communication it helps us know how many and what kind of pictures you may have in mind. After the event I like to double check to make sure that its okay and get a release signed to use the images for advertising and for my portfolio.

Hiring Epic Beard Photography for your event besides getting a quality product of images, you get a photographer that can work your crowd appropriately for the occasion. I am Epic Beard Photography and you will get a friendly and professional photographer that likes to have fun laughing and making your guest feel comfortable and laugh. I can interact with everyone and having a camera in my hand can instantly make people more prone to smile. For me I feel my easy going fun loving personality lightens up any room has a lot to do with making sure your guest have an enjoyable time. My favorite photography to do at events has a photo-journalistic style, showing everyone having fun.

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