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Epic Beard Photography Blog post VFA-34 Home Coming June 23, 2017

Epic Beard Photography
Epic Beard Photography

Being a veteran I have a special connection with my military brothers and sisters I love when I get the opportunity to photograph a home coming for a family. With the VFA-34 home coming on Friday June 23, 2017 I was there to photograph for Kim and her boyfriend and while I was there I got the opportunity to meet a few other strong spouses waiting for their husbands as well. The kids there with smiles across their faces waiting for Daddy to get home. It was an amazing moment. I loved that I got to talk and meet different families and got the opportunity to capture that first kiss home and the big hugs from the kids. Welcome home shipmates and thank you for standing the watch.

There is something special that not many people in America get to attented, that is a Military Home Coming. I have had the opportunity to be a part of both, coming home and waiting for someone to come home. Let me better explain, my first deployment was on the USS Theodore Roosevelt. We were scheduled to deploy September 19, 2001. I deployed on schedule but with a different mission at hand. The USS T.R. went 159 days with no ports and 5 beer days. So many things happened on this deployment good and bad, but nothing was better than the home coming the ship got in March 2002. My first home coming was special because not only were my parents there (Navy Veterans too) and my sister and brother, my Grandparents, Aunt Joyce and Cousins from New Jersey, my Uncle Chris and my Aunt, and a few cousins were there pier side on a cold rainy day all proud of me and the deployment. I then had two home comings on the USS Enterprise both we pulled into Jacksonville Florida to pick up tigers (Family Members) for a special cruise back.

My last home coming that I will also never forget is from my last deployment on the USS Nimitz. We pulled into Bremerton Washington and because I was an East Coast Sailor we took what seemed like a forever flight back to Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort South Carolina. This was probably my most emotional home coming because I knew that, that was my last home coming. This home coming for me was special because the only two people that were there to welcome me home were my parents. They were the only one’s there they day I left for the Navy out of the recruiter’s office in Cocoa Florida on May 4, 1999 and now eleven and half years later they were there in MALS-31 hanger to welcome me home.

Epic Beard Photography

Epic Beard Photography

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